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BLOG - Branding

30 Jun 2014

Your company brand

A couple of years ago we worked on a lovely project for a new children’s shop based in North Hampshire – it was a fun project to do and we got involved in the branding, logo design and exteriors and interiors of the shop. All the fun creative parts, we even got involved in the window displays, which we could go to town on and we did.

At the end of the day the creative bit of a shop is only the starting point of a branding job – people need to know you are there and how to find you. The owner decided to do this all by herself by putting one advert into a local magazine and she thought that would be enough. My team had a bet how long we thought the business would last (mean I know – but we have seen this so many times before and retail is a hard business to be in, especially now with the internet and shop owners have to go the ‘extra mile’ to get those customers though the door. Unfortunately we were right and the shop lasted just over 6 months, the owner had missed a golden opportunity, there were no children shops for miles and she was placed in an affluent area, two huge boxes ticked. But nobody knew about them – she should have been out there – toddler groups, playgroups anywhere where mums hang out showcasing what the shop was all about and keep doing it. In retail you have to be constantly on top of things and constantly reminding your customers and new customers you’re there because unfortunately people forget very easily. I now talk about this when I do seminars about branding showing what not to do and then we have a success story from a lady who has won two awards for the best foot cream with the National Beauty awards and her company is growing and growing, she has a marketing strategy that we helped her work on and she has set herself goals.

The first step to building your brand is to define what it is you’re striving to offer – how you’re trying to be different. Always consider that your brand needs to be consistent for every customer touch point: the service you offer, your products, shop layout, website, answer phone message and also importantly the way you and your staff all work together as a team. And of course promote, promote, promote – be in people faces – be proud of your business and scream about it from the roof-tops. Invest in this and make it a day-to-day part of your business. Don’t just put another empty strap-line above the door!

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