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BLOG - Struggling to keep up with customers who want your product yesterday?

05 Jul 2016

We now expect so much more as technological processes & functions that took minutes a few years ago now happen in seconds.

As I look for a seat in a well-known coffee shop I spot a free chair and prepare my descent to land. But before I have a chance to sink down into a well-worn leather armchair and enjoy my coffee the peace is rudely shattered by a fellow patron at the adjacent table as he began to tut, huff and drum his fingers rhythmically on the heavy marble table top next to me.

It quickly became apparent that his frustrations are the result of experiencing complications whilst trying to connect to the coffee shop’s free Wi-Fi, leaving him temporarily uncontactable to the perceived outside world (shock horror!). His whirlwind of frustration continues to grow before he lets out a flabbergasted ‘oh for god’s sake’ stuffs the phone in his back pocket, promptly finishes the remains of his cooling cappuccino and storms out of the café.

This theatrical episode aptly demonstrated that the evolution of technology has left many of us expecting instant technical gratification and connectivity wherever we are. We all now expect to be able to send/receive data in an instant via a tablet or smart phone device and if we are not connected, it can leave us feeling out of the loop and frustrated.

We now expect so much more as technological processes & functions that took minutes a few years ago now happen in seconds. Take courier services as an example, major courier companies can now offer not just a same day delivery service, it’s now within the same hour. A service that you pay for but still, that’s quick! 

Technology has really paved the way for online retail businesses to emerge and flourish in the modern world but the continued rising expectation of instant gratification from consumers and major courier services being able to offer a ‘within the hour service’ is leaving an ever decreasing window of opportunity for the online retailer to engage with their target market.

Online retailers are having to increase the speed of fulfilment, as well as continuing to maintain high quality service levels and despatch options and keep up with consumer demand whilst growing their business. That’s a lot of plates to spin!

In order to meet these increasing demands and alleviate logistical pressures, many online retailers are outsourcing their Pick & Pack fulfilment services. If this is something you are newly considering why not get in touch to find out how about outsourced fulfilment could take the pressure off your business? or call us on +44 (0)1483 863 300

Blog Post from Liam Jenkins, Business Development Manager, QMS Marketing Services