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BLOG - key marketing questions to ask yourself today!

06 Oct 2014

A little self-examination in business is always useful. And, as you will inevitably not see the wood for the trees when you are busy in your business, I thought I’d give you 6 key marketing questions to ask yourself.

These should not only give you pause for thought I honestly believe they will help you go to the next level.

1. Are there any generally negative perceptions about your sector/the type of thing you do?

If so, have you overtly addressed them on your website/ in your marketing material?

2. Can you “package” up your products/services to avoid direct comparison with your competitors?

This avoids the tough “like for like” checks that inevitably come down to lowest price.

3. Why did your latest client or customer reject your competitor?

Understand this and make more of it in your marketing – perhaps a questions for a customer feedback form? Phrase more subtly though “Why did you choose us?”

4. Do you know what clients say when they recommend you?

Are you using those words in your marketing? If you put a loyalty scheme in place you could actually ask them what they said…

5. Are there any niche markets at which you could aim/be experts?

Make sure your marketing for these areas is specialist and empathetic. This requires an understanding of their particular challenges as well as choosing sector specific images and language.

6. Where are you wasting time or money on marketing that’s simply not working?

Is it because your target market doesn’t look there? (Wrong social network? Wrong publication? Wrong location?) Or is it because your marketing looks like everyone else’s marketing?(my absolute pet hate for professional services marketing is the two suited arms shaking hands – shoot me now!)

If you need help to effectively deliver solutions to these key questions please get in touch via I don’t only work with local clients – skype is a wonderful thing!