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MEMBERS NEWS - Stopped for having No Insurance

08 Oct 2014

It was Sunday morning and Steve was travelling on the M27 on his way to pick up the family for a weekend away.  Mrs R was out shopping and all was well in the world.

Ne nar ne nar, as a Police car flashes him to pull over.

Steve pulled over wondering why they wanted to speak to him; heart thumping a bit faster, because it does in these moments doesn’t it…  There was nothing wrong with the vehicle and he’d been on his best behaviour with driving so these weren’t the reasons that he’d been stopped.  The only thing to do was wait...

“Hello Sir, our records suggest that this vehicle isn’t insured, can you prove otherwise?”

What would you do in this situation? Panic? Frantically check your emails for proof of cover?

Steve thought for only a moment before reaching for his mobile and dialling his insurance broker’s mobile, knowing that she’d answer on a weekend.  Having double checked the insurance records we were able to speak to the Police Officer on the telephone and reassure them that the vehicle was insured on a fleet policy and there had a mistake in the registration number shown which is what was causing the problems.

It seems that the Police were so pleased with the response and confident manner in which it was handled that they were able to note their records that the vehicle was indeed insured.  This saved any need to issue a producer and Steve was able to get on with his day.

Would your insurance provider solve your problem on a Sunday morning?

Did you know that there is a central database of all insured vehicles?  This Police have a system that automatically checks that nearby vehicles -hence Steven getting pulled over.  Double check your policy documents to ensure the registration number and vehicle details are correct on your schedule as these are the details held on the Motor Insurance Database in many cases.

Motor traders and fleet owners may update the MID directly, Accuracy is essential.

We know that the world keeps turning outside standard working hours so we talk to our clients whenever they need it.  Being an insurance broker is more that providing a policy, we’re here to help.

For more information contact: Direct Protect Solutions Ltd on 07904850578 or 01329 613111 and ask for Helen Llewellyn - Managing Director