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MEMBERS NEWS - Coaching for Goal Achievement

08 Oct 2014

Hello my name is Shelley Edwards and my company, Progress to Success offers Coaching and Training services for individuals and businesses.

It is always a good idea to map out some goals and aspirations, so this article invites you to grab a pen and paper and answer the coaching questions below in order to help you move forward and be, have and do what you wish!

1. What specifically do you want to achieve?
2. What is important about this goal?
3. What reasons are behind you wanting to achieve this goal?
4. How would you describe your own self belief in regards to achieving this goal?
5. What is your current situation? (What is happening right now for you with regards to this goal?)
6. What date do you want to achieve this by? Specific date
7. What are the benefits to achieving this goal? Make a list
8. Who are the people that can assist you?
9. How will you measure your success? (Evidence)
10. What would it mean to you if this goal was not achieved?
11. What are the tasks (things you need to do) that need to be undertaken for goal achievement?
12. What does success, look like?
13. What does success sound like to you?
14. What does success feel like?
15. What might stop you from achieving this goal?
16. What can you do in order to deal with what might stop you?
17. Who might you need to influence in order to achieve this goal?
18. How will you communicate your goal?
19. How will you make time for this goal?
20. What might you have to compromise on?
21. What can you do in work, social, family and home time in order to achieve this goal?
22. What will you say to yourself in order to keep going?
23. How will you celebrate your success/achievement?
Look at you notes and decide on your 1st action and when you would like to have done it by.
Then decide on the 2nd action and date to do it by. You can then move on in this way prioritising and diarising as you go.
All the best to you and your goal achievement!

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them”.
Timothy Gallwey, Author of “The Inner Game of Tennis.

“Being supported to achieve your goals, aims and aspirations and developing yourself in order to have a great life”. “Coaching helps you to do more than if you were left to your own devices”.
Shelley Edwards, Progress to Success.

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