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MEMBERS NEWS - Could you help us to add value to our clients?

10 Oct 2014

As travel connoisseurs, our passion for the most exclusive of travel experiences enables us to create the most magical and exciting of packages.  Whether people want to escape to a secluded 4 star location or to experience that memorably authentic trip of a lifetime - we deliver for the most discerning of clients.

An essential part of that is taking customer service to the next level …

We start by offering potential customers the opportunity to join us in our bespoke Travel Lounge. Here they can discuss their travel requirements whilst being treated to a Cape Horn warmer (Hot Chocolate and Whisky) - just like the Australia’s serve on their Cape Horn and Patagonia expeditions.

We even pay for the pet care of returning clients when they holiday with us again!

But we’d like to offer more by involving local companies and we need your help. Do you sell anything relevant to our travellers? Would you consider offering a discount to our customers so that their whole travel experience is even better?  We’re thinking about things like

  • A pre-holiday manicure
  • Some gorgeous cruise wear
  • Holiday luggage
  • A post- holiday photo framing service

Do you any ideas? We’d love to hear them and about the discount you can offer our clients. Please drop us an e-mail to

We look forward to hearing from you.