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MEMBERS NEWS - A Solicitor who is embracing new technology to bring legal information to clients

13 Oct 2014

Alison Colley of Real Employment Law Advice, has recently launched a Podcast, ‘The Employment Law & HR Podcast’ provides legal and practical updates to busy business owners and HR practitioners.

The Podcast was launched in mid-August 2014 and has already proved very popular with downloads from across the country and a number of 5 star reviews in iTunes. The positive response and feedback has meant that it is now featured in iTunes ‘New and Noteworthy’ section for Business Podcasts.

Alison said ‘As a fan of Podcasts for several years’ I have been listening to business podcasts from the States and noticed that there was very limited information about employment law and HR in the UK. I am very passionate about employment law and the opportunity to talk about it in a Podcast was very appealing.’

The Podcast aims to provide straight forward advice and updates which are easy to listen to at convenience. With the growing number of smartphone users and with apple devices being fitted to cars people are consuming information and advice in new ways and Alison has embraced this as an opportunity to get her message across.

Alison added ‘I believe that the way legal services are provided is slowly changing and us lawyers need to learn to better move with the times and technology. Podcasting is just one way that my legal practice is different and in which I am trying to provide information and advice for clients in a more convenient way.’

There are hundreds of Podcasts available on a whole range of topics, and although UK podcasters are slightly behind our American cousins, businesses in the UK are starting to utilise this great way of engaging with a wider audience.

Alison runs a specialist employment law legal service across Hampshire providing advice and assistance to business owners and employees on all aspects of employment law. You can find more information about Real Employment Law Advice at

If you would like to listen to the Podcast you can download in iTunes or Stitcher