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19 Feb 2015

The Recycled Assets Company has won a Year of free mentoring from business experts to help grow and develop. Jason Bentley, founder had to go through a series of heats, making a case. This culminated in the final head to head at the Marriott Hotel, Portsmouth.

In addition to the mentoring success TRACOuk are excited to have been nominated in The News Award category for 'best new start up business'. Awards evening will be held on Friday, 6th March at the Guildhall in Portsmouth. Watch this space!!

“ok… so threat of new entry is a big problem for you, your competitors are larger, have more resource and can undercut you at any time. Your buying power is weak as you’re a new startup. Your supplier power is pointless and the threat of substitution is all around you…so why would we choose your company?”

If someone were to ask me that question and they’d analysed our business using Porters 5 forces, they would be fully justified in using that tone of questioning. The truth is very few things today can’t be copied, substituted or made/bought cheaper somewhere by someone else who is brighter, faster and has a better smile!

Here at the ‘The Recycled Assets Company’ (TRACOuk) we don’t pretend to have all the answers to a low carbon economy but we have some exciting new green innovations which are creating a positive stir within Hampshire. Our low carbon biomass waste to energy initiative entitled ‘green flame’ will hit the market later this year and combines ingenuity with social enterprise…the future of business is social enterprise which to us means don’t take more than you give and ultimately solve the clients problem by offering excellent service.

We recently attended the ‘Lighting up’ the city energy strategy workshop hosted by PCC which was the launch event for Portsmouth very own climate change strategy. Our unique biomass fuel solution is vying to be part of the energy reduction strategy for Portsmouth by lowering carbon output and reducing demand on traditional energies such as gas and electricity. This is an example of how recycling can be applied to the greater good within businesses and communities and we’re delighted to be leading the way.

Get in touch by emailing if you want more information on how your business waste or unwanted items could be a part of the energy reduction strategy.

The News - Entrepreneurs Wins Free Mentoring By Coming Out On Top
Video Footage provided by Rostand Productions - YouTube