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Effective project delivery


This introduction to project management will enable you to plan and execute any project, both personal (e.g. a wedding) and business (e.g. introducing something new). The course aims to provide you with an overview of the tools and techniques that will help you keep to your plans and budget and enable your projects to succeed. 

Course objectives

  • Learn to set achievable goals
  • Involve The Right People
  • Managing risks in project and find opportunities
  • Managing customer and stakeholder expectations

Learning outcomes

  • Complete skill set to assess and manage projects
  • Reduce cost to the business
  • Increase efficiency levels of business projects
  • More control on projects

Course overview

Our courses are always fun but businesslike and are geared at enhancing knowledge and experience. This course will enable you to make plans for personal and business projects. It will examine how you can choose the best people for each job, how to manage each project and how to monitor what is happening and whether your stated aims and goals are being realised.


half day interactive course


Val Down


15 people

Who should attend?

The introductory project management course is designed for business owners and managers who run projects for their organisation.


“I am easily bored when attending training courses but I can honestly say that you’ve kept me interested and fully involved throughout. Really useful. Thank You.”

Claire - NHS Commissioning Unit


All courses are open to member businesses from any area. Fee waivered on cancellation provided within at least 7 days of the course start date. Please note, if you cancel less than 7 days before the course date you may be charged unless we are able to fill your place. 

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