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Understanding and using Twitter


Twitter is THE place for sharing content. Nowhere else online is it spread so voraciously and it can do wonders for your business – once you understand the marketing theory behind it and how to get the most out of it!

Course objectives

  • Understanding Twitter areas
  • Who to follow, what to say
  • How to get re-tweeted
  • When you should tweet and how often 

Learning outcomes

  • More confidence using Twitter
  • Managing the process
  • Understanding the marketing angle
  • Is it right for your business 

Course overview

What do you want out of Twitter - it can deliver all manner of things. You can express an idea, promote an event, support a local charity or share a joke. You can ask a question, give an answer or make an offer. You would probably like to highlight your blog or your business – the key challenge is HOW?


A half day interactive workshop


Jane Buswell


15 people

Who should attend?

This is aimed at beginners and strugglers who are looking at Twitter for Business. .


“Jane really knows her stuff and communicates brilliantly “
“Understandable information, an asset for my business”
“For quick and easy guide to Twitter, couldn’t ask for more”
“Probably one of the best trainers I’ve experienced”


All courses are open to member businesses from any area. Fee waivered on cancellation provided within at least 7 days of the course start date. Please note, if you cancel less than 7 days before the course date you may be charged unless we are able to fill your place. Invoices for chargeable courses will be sent to you with payment instructions.

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