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The Flower Shop

Southern Entrepreneurs’ new family member

The Flower Shop is a family-run business which began life in the 1940s and now has four retail outlets in Eastleigh, Bittern, Bassett and Chandlers Ford. It has been passed down from father to sons and is now a successful business currently run by brothers Lee and Neil Ackerman.

As a keen supporter of the council’s local business initiatives, Lee became a member of Southern Entrepreneurs (SE) during its early days, he liked that it kept business owners informed of local opportunities, developments and assistance.

Lee strongly believes that, as a small business, it’s difficult to spend money on training, however, thanks to SE Lee has attended a number of training courses. He recently attended a course on how to help your business become greener, conserve energy and ultimately reduce costs.

The results were evident: The Flower Shop successfully reduced costs from previous quarters, and endorsed their social and corporate responsibilities. The Flower Shop was able to put the savings back into the business and increase their business profile.

SE’s recent initiative, The Executive Entrepreneurs Club, is something Lee will be attending. This is another opportunity for The Flower Shop to help meet like-minded professionals and enable them to invite new business opportunities.

Lee said that the staff at SE are extremely helpful in guiding us. Anne Dawson regularly informs us with useful information.